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Own Your Dream Car at 1/8th the Cost

Collectible cars have attracted attention as assets, and their prices continue to rise.*

With RENDEZ-VOUS, you can split ownership of such collectible cars and co-own one car with up to 8 people. We support not only the purchase funds but also reduce the financial hurdles of maintenance and management, making it possible for more people to realize their dream of owning their desired car.

Investment Index for Luxury Goods (10-year price volatility)

*Source: Watches and wine top Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index (Q4 2021)

Experience Beyond Ownership

Vehicles are stored at RENDEZ-VOUS' garage, and you can use the vehicle for a minimum of 12 days (per year). Without the hassle of maintenance, you can drive the car wherever you want, whenever you want, tailored to your lifestyle. Additionally, when the vehicle is sold, the proceeds from the sale of your ownership rights will be distributed.

We aim to provide a hassle-free, enriching ownership experience that is different from owning a car by yourself. Together with all future owners.


How to Use


Purchase Ownership Rights

All procedures, from membership registration to purchase, can be done online. You can make the purchase after undergoing identity verification.


You can own ownership rights from 1/8th. When not in use, vehicles are stored at RENDEZ-VOUS' garage, and you can freely drive them when you want. It's also possible to purchase multiple ownership rights according to your usage frequency.


RENDEZ-VOUS will sell the vehicle at designated times for each vehicle. The proceeds from the sale of your ownership rights will be distributed.

※ Except for some purchase plans

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